Presidential Advice (a joke)

Hillary Clinton was in bed one night, exhausted after a long day of campaigning. She fell into a deep sleep and began dreaming.

It was dark, misty and foggy in her dream. She wandered around, looking for someone - anyone, when suddenly, out of the fog stepped George Washington, the nation's first president, the father of our country.

President Washington approached her and politely nodded. She looked him up and down, and said, cautiously, "You helped found this great nation as a war hero and our first elected president. Can I ask you for some advice?"

President Washington said, "Of course you can."

Hillary paused, and asked, "What can I do to better serve our country?"

President Washington looked her in the eye and said, "Never tell a lie."

Hillary whined and said, "I don't think i can do thaaaaaaaat. I have to get elected."

President Washington sighed and disappeared back into the mist.

A few moments later, a rustling in the wind made her look to the left, and out of the dark fog walked our third president, Thomas Jefferson.

Hillary asked, again, for advice, asking President Jefferson the same question: "What can I do, to better serve our country?"

President Jefferson proclaimed, "Listen to the People."

Hillary whined, again, "I don't think i can do thaaaaaaat. What do the People know?"

President Jefferson sighed and disappeared into the fog.

Hillary walked around a bit, then felt the presence of another great President.

The nation's sixteenth leader, Abraham Lincoln, appeared out of the fog.

Hillary looked at the Great Emancipator, the man who went to war to keep this great republic together, and asked him, as she had the others, "What can I do, to better serve our country?"

President Lincoln looked her in the eye and said, "Go to the theater."

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