Weird and Random Thoughts

If scientists can turn fruit flies gay, and then straight ... as this report has done ... when all is said and done .... are they still 'fruit' flies? Or just annoying little asexual gnats?

Speaking of my weird thoughts ... I had another weird thought Saturday at the mall as I walked past a smug-looking man in pink oxford behind the wheel of a Range Rover parked in the fire lane.

His plates were issued in Trumbull County. I've lived far too much of my life in Trumbull County, and have covered damn near every square mile during the three years I worked as a newspaper reporter covering the outlying townships and school district at a county level. I've lived in both Warren and Niles, as well as Cortland, Gustavus, Brookfield and a couple of other places. I know for a fact our county contains no desert, no mountains nor any other terrain the Range Rover is made for. So that, alone, and his pink shirt made him, at best, pretentious; at worst, an asshole, individually for wearing a pink oxford, and individually for parking in the fire lane ... and a double-asshole for combining the shirt and fire lane parking.

However, as I walked on, laughing at him, I noticed, also parked in the fire lane, both a Lincoln Navigator and a Chevy Tahoe. Both with men behind the wheel. Waiting.

And all three of them were STILL in the fire lane, waiting, as I left the mall 20 minutes later.

So I wonder: Does being a dick in life make you susceptible to the sales pitch and lead you to buying a massive-sized over-optioned SUV that you'll never take off road ... or does buying a massive-sized SUV with full-off-road capabilities you'll never take advantage of turn you into a dick?

Why do some people take everything so seriously?

Stay tuned - massive photo updates coming soon. Studio work, SPW, RWB, Razorbliss, Lollipop Factory ... all coming soon.

Also, both my 2007 Grammy Preview and my annual "Best Albums of 2007" list.

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