More bad music and picks

I don't get it.

Panda Bear - "Person Pitch" is getting lots of votes as the best album of 2007 in many lists, including "Pitchfork" ... perhaps the leading indie propaganda rag.

I thought it sucked.

Seriously. Sucked. Maybe because he used "Pitch" in the title?

Then again, I thought Radiohead "In Rainbows" and "The National" by Boxer sucked, too.

At least Paste has better taste in their picks ... but Magic #1? I am was a huge Springsteen fan. I like it more than most albums ... but nowhere near my top 25. Lyrically ... it's too cliche-ridden. And song titles and choruses repeated like an infomercial ... like "none of this has happened yet" and "you'll be coming down" ... ugh. There are a couple of good songs ("I'll Work For Your Love" and "Last To Die" ... too many lyrics on Magic seem to have been spewed from the "Bruce Springsteen Song Lyric Generator."

As for the music ... too much of sounds the same as The Rising, which I liked. A lot. For the lyrics ... and the obligatory sax solo. Ugh.

So ... guess I'm out of touch with the mainstream and the indie scene. Nothing left for me to do now but start a music blog, eh?

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