Pot. Kettle. Black.

So apparently Ticketmaster is in a huff over someone or something scalping tickets online.


Their complaint is this company is using a proxy to bypass the line waiting for tickets thereby taking the premium seats out of pot that goes to the general public for purchase.

Thereby forcing those who want good seats to pay scalper prices.

Oh, wait.

Doesn't Ticketmaster *encourage* that with their own system of TicketExchange that allows you to scalp them ON THEIR OWN SITE?

Yes, they do. Click the "buy from fans" tab next time you can't get tickets for the event you want to see. And lube up, cause those 'fans' are uh ... not very fanly.

But what's even worse - and makes Ticketmaster look like the corporate whores they are ... their 'premium seat auctions' that sell tickets at a, well, premium.

Like, say, the Hannah Montana tour that's all the rage these days.

The opening night is October 18 in St. Louis.

The highest priced face-value ticket is $63.50

But the 'premium seat auction' ON THEIR WEBSITE ... is listed ....

Not double the face value.

Not triple the face value.

Not even ten times face value.

We're talking Ticketmaster is selling the seats they bitch scalpers are taking for nearly 20 times the face value (18.97 to be exact).


Front row seats to see a 14-year-old Disney star, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, are being whored out by Ticketmaster for ... get this ...



(probably plus fees. And convenience charge. [when has getting ass-raped by company - either Ticketmaster or the venue - ever been a 'convenience' worth paying for? Why not be honest and call it the "Fuck it, you wanna come, you'll pay any fee we charge you" fee. I prefer honesty from those who fuck me. I'm petty like that].)

So in light of all that ... Ticketmaster has the balls to say they're pissed off about scalpers?

Pot. Kettle. Black-as-fucking-coal.

I don't say it often, but Ticketmaster is, by all accounts, a bunch of cock-sucking monkey fuckers.

Unless it's someone I NEED to see ... I don't buy from Ticketmaster.

Fuck those fucking fuckers.

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Dude, don't even fucking get me started...