Heh heh heh ... I'm famous. And cool.

Well, here it is ... the blog mentioning how cool I am for being called cool in another blog.

(The blog about me being called other things ... however ... you'll have to wait on. Blank. Stare.)

But be warned ... the link below goes to a comic strip that most people will find offensive. Not this particular panel, but the name of the strip, and most of the rest of the panels ... are rather offensive. Which is why I like it.

And this particular strip is funny because it talks about being sued by the RIAA ... for copyright infringement for using lyrics in the previous comic strip. Odd how my story about my coolness appears below a story about being sued by the RIAA.

(Wait. That's not funny. I don't pirate music. I support musicians. I buy CDs. Really.)

Anyway ... http://officialjesuschrist.com/main.php?strip=247 is the strip.

You've been warned.

(And that's not Charles Manson. His name is Charlie Brown.

And the R ... he's a Robitussin addict.

And the talking bottle of Robitussin is who said, "It takes a nation of muppets to hold us back."

Which is on the shirt.

Which I wore to a party.

At a hotel.

That was also hosting a meeting of the Islamic Temple.

With a nun outside the hotel trying to convert the "godless heathens."

I so know how to party.

Cause I'm that cool.

Which is why I get written about on other blogs.

Some of which I'm too spineless to mention ... but I survive nonetheless.)

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