SPW - "We Love You" album review

It never fails ...

I find a band I love ... and then am blown away by a song they've not released yet. Then I can't wait for the CD to come out so I can have that favorite track.

Like "The Great Gravitron Massacre" from Two Cow Garage

Then the CD comes out.

And there's a song I like even better on the disc.

Like "Should've California."

Well, it's happened again.

The Band: Semi Precious Weapons

The Song: "Time Zones"

The CD: "We Love You" hits the shelves on October 30, 2007.

I've had "We Love You" for about a month now. Cause I got connetions. (Not really. I picked it up at their September show in Columbus. And I paid cash for it. And you should, too.)

And before I had the CD, I was so looking forward to the Tony Visconti produced version of "Time Zones" I was drooling. (Yeah, *that* Tony Visconti. The genius who produced amazing albums for David Bowie, T-Rex, Thin Lizzy, The Moody Blues. Adam Ant, and my 1989 Album of the Year, "Change" by the Alarm. Hello "Love Don't Come Easy." Yeah baby.)

Anyway ... back to Semi Precous Weapons and the song I was waiting for ... "Time Zones" ... or, as I referred to it when talking to SPW frontman Justin Tranter, my "Song of the Year, whatever year it's released."

I now have to backdate that to be my "2006 Song of the Year." Because, in my defense, I did get an MP3 of it late late late in 2006 (December 28 the email says) ... cause I do have connections ... so it has to be my 2006 Song of the Year.

Why? Well ... as I said before .... I get the album and found a song that I like even better.

"Genius" (off the forthcoming "We Love You") is my 2007 Song of the Year.

The vote's not even close (Sorry David Ford's "Train" ... you get the silver medal. Thankfully Aaron Lee Tasjan's CD won't be out until 2008.)

Do I like this song? Um ... yeah.

It's one of those pound-the-steering-wheel power-ballads. I know this because I actually dented the Ford emblam in middle of my steering wheel pounding out the beat while driving down the highway rocking out to this song.

The song is dramatic (hello? It's Justin!) ... "They're all gonna question my worth / but I've been a walking statement since birth" to give you a hint of lyrics ... and the bridge ... is .. well, genius:

"Sweet heart I'll let you go
With bloody hands just say you know
We're the love that legends live for
We're the love that don't exist no more"

And the chorus ... again ... show why the song is aptly named:

"Don't tell 'em I'm a genius
Don't tell 'em I mean it
Don't tell 'em how hard I try
Don't tell 'em I'm a genius
Don't tell 'em I mean it
Let me smile while they cry
They'll love us when I die"

The other eight tracks on the CD are a mix of some old favorites from the first two EP's ("The Precious EP" and the "The Magnetic EP" ... both available on iTunes) and new songs that have been favorites at live shows like "Taste" and "Her Hair Is On Fire" and "That's K***" ... a happy little audience participation song about a sweet innocent girl named Holly.

Is is the best album I've purchased in 2007? It's kunt.

'nuff said.

Buy this shit when it comes out. Good music and good musicians need paid.

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Wolf said...

A band best served live - catch SPW at House of Blues - Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, Thursday, October 2!!!