Some things never change

So last year, about this time, I started feeling weird.

Like getting sick but not sure what kind of sick.

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Same as today.

I remember going to lunch.

I remember going back to work.

I remember about 1:15 asking the guy in the office next to mine where the nearest urgent care/hospital was.

I woke up about seven hours later in a hospital bed, wearing only a gown, with an IV and other monitoring devices. Apparently, after driving myself to the ER, getting registered and taking a seat to wait, when they called my name, I stood up and passed out, right there, in the waiting room.

Never found out what it was, but odds are it was food-borne illness from the symptoms, and the fact I didn't feel like eating anything until that Saturday ... so I went from lunch on Wednesday to dinner on Saturday without a regular meal ... including nothing but Gatorade on Thanksgiving 2005. Yep, no turkey, no stuffing, no mashed or sweet potatoes ... nothing, at all.

So I was looking forward to having some turkey this year.

Yep, verb tense is correct - was

Because I'm sick, again.

But at least this year I know what it is and where it came from.

Last weekend my daughter, who is 8, was sick. And normally, she's a trooper when she's sick.

We were planning on going out to see Happy Feet ... and we did ... and it was all she could do to last until the end of the movie. And when it was over, we went back to her house and she took over the couch and napped and watched cartoons all afternoon.

And all evening.

And all night.

And I sat there with her until she finally fell asleep about 1:15 a.m., then tucked her in bed and headed home. (Yeah, my ex-and I get along great, we have that kind of relationship. We're lucky.)

I saw her again on Monday, she was feeling a bit better, but still sick. Headache, fever, sore throat, general feeling of blah.

All typical flu symptoms ... classic case.

Last night, those same symptoms were all me. Yeah.

Today it's much the same. I started on the DayQuil at 9:00 a.m. ... we'll see how that works.

But if it's true to what she had, I'll be beat up all weekend ... so as it looks now, it's going to be another turkey-less Thanksgiving for me.

Could be worse ... I could pass out and wake up, seven hours later in a hospital bed like last year, eh?

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