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The world is truly fucked up.

In addition to Daniel Ortega being voted back in power in Nicaragua's elections 16 years after they voted him out to end a civil war, now Saddam Hussein is calling for everyone to "forgive and forget."

Invoking Prophet Mohammad and Jesus, Saddam told a court trying him for genocide against Kurds: "I call on all Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds, to forgive, reconcile and shake hands."

This, of course, after being sentenced to death.

The United Nations, however, says his trial has not been well conducted, and he deserves to live.

"Even a person like Saddam Hussein should not be sentenced to death," said UN special investigator Manfred Nowak, who acknowledged that Saddam's regime had killed and tortured many political opponents and members of minorities.

Those thoughts are echoed by the European Union, who agrees he's guilty but should not be hanged.

President Bush is happy with the outcome and wants to see Saddam swing. I agree with that.

Then there's this:

The Iranians, still bitter about the Iran-Iraq war from 1980-1988 that left more than a million dead on both sides, AGREE WITH OUR PRESIDENT (and with me!)

"We hope the fair, correct and legal verdict against this criminal ... is enforced," Iranian government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham told a news conference. "He is a criminal dictator. No doubt about it," Elham said of Saddam. "We hope no pressure will be applied not to carry out this verdict."

Elham later said Saddam's "very existence is anti-human."

Gotta love that.

As they say ... sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Sa'lam, my Iranian friends.

Yep, the world is fucked up.

Now go vote, and remember, vote Republican. If for no other reason than it pisses people off ... and for this reason, too:

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