I'm 99.8 percent moved

I have about 99.8 percent of my stuff in my new place ... thanks to some super-duper helpers.

I woke up yesterday, told myself happy birthday, then got to work ... got the U-Haul, loaded up my apartment in Columbus by myself (no steps, easy stuff, truck was about 10 feet from my door). Was tired, but feeling okay.

After I got into Niles yesterday, I called my ex-wife to see if I could borrow some kids to help me move (she had three when we got married, we have one together, but they all claim me as Dad, and I'd rather have them choose me than be stuck with being sired by me, so it's all good, and they're great kids. I love them all to death!).

But my ex came ready to work, with all four, and the five of them did a bang-up job helping me carry all my belongings up three flights of stairs to the new place.

I know I would not have been able to do it all alone. In fact, there were two big boxes left after they left last night and I could not lift them. My arms and legs were shot last night.

I don't know how they feel today, but I can tell you I feel about 999 percent beat up.

(Yes, math people, I know you can't be anything more than 100 percent. I know it's un-possible (Sorry, grammar people)).

But at least here I do have cable ... and internet again. And a DVR again (yes, we loves the DVR).

And a busy weekend, so I don't even have a chance to unpack.

I'm heading back to Columbus today to clean the old place, then to Cincinnati for the Swig Tooth show.

Staying through Sunday to get the old place cleaned, do some other work that needs done in the area, and other stuff. Sunday is Swig Tooth and Two Cow Garage at High Five.

Monday I'm back to Niles, for good, the old apartment gone, the new apartment to set up, unbox, unpack, organize, etc.

Tuesday starts the new job.

Hopefully I won't be sore when Tuesday rolls around.

Oh, yeah, my legendary skills in the kitchen are well known, but last night I was successful in my first attempt to make something ...


No ice maker in the new place :-(

But you can't have everything, can you?

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