Catching up after the move

Today I’m not hurting as much ... yesterday’s dosage of Vicodin, Flexirill, a heating pad and sleep did some good ... not much, but some. And less pain is always good, right?

So I'm back at work, reading all about Server 2003 and taking copious notes ... gotta get my ducks in a row for my certification plans in 2007 ... if it all works out the way I want it, by this time next year I'll be a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer ... and that's where the big bucks are. Odds are I'll probably continue my certification and training to get the MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer ... because I do love the teaching end of things ... no desire to be a full-time trainer, but being able to teach an occasional class at night in Adult Education or something like that would be a neat little way to earn some extra bucks, eh?

Tonight will be a repeat of last night ... pain meds, muscle relaxers and heat, but before sleep I have laundry to do. Yep, I'll be spending Friday night doing laundry ... and hurting. Envy me, won’t you?

Saturday is driving to Columbus to get my face rocked off by the force that is Semi-Precious Weapons ... and Swig Tooth ... let's be honest ... three shows in four days last weekend just makes me want more of the rock that is Swig Tooth. And it will be nice to see Dan the Drummer again on the skins for Swig Tooth. No knock against Matt Mees or Mark Stepro (or Eddie Davis or Seth, the original drummer) but Dan brings a different sound to the drums. He's magic.

Sunday is the drive back (early) and some more unpacking while I catch up on football with my kick-ass digital cable.

Got the first of my two unemployment checks today. That was a nice surprise ... not sure if my next one will be a full-size check or just a partial, but every little bit helps ... and is handy since I probably won't get a paycheck from the new job on the 31st ... apparently someone involved in the rehire process dropped the ball ... the folks in Plano weren't even aware I was rehired ... hello left hand ... oh, hello right hand ... so, righty ... what are you doing? But everything will be fixed by 11/15 because a brother's gotta get paid, right?

So other than hurting, feeling like the dumbest guy in the room at work and living in an apartment that's strewn with boxes, half-put-away boxes and stuff all over the place because it needs put away .... my life is good.

And finally, updated my photo page with new shots of Two Cow Garage.

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