Being popular is hard

Well, I think it's over.

480 friend requests.

332 email messages.

8014 profile views.

In 48 hours on my Photo Page on MySpace.

So apparently, my 15 minutes of MySpace fame is over.

Thank the gods. Nothing like looking at your email ... where I get about 10 messages a week ...and seeing nearly 500 messages. I thought it was a virus. Nope, it was friend requests and message notifications from MySpace. I was picked as a featured profile.

Oh well ... could have been worse. The way I look at it ... my photos were seen by a bunch of people, and hopefully, some of the bands listed got some new fans.

So here's the rest of my life:

Hot hot hot job interview tomorrow (yay me!) in Richfield, Ohio.

Dinner back in Columbus with a friend after that.

Watershed show Friday.

Taking the weekend to relax.

Interview on Monday.

Interview on Wednesday.

It's good to be me, most of the time.

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