Zero miles to Chicago

Because we're on the 13th floor of the Hilton Chicago.

Yep ... WeAreThatFuckingCool, Inc., is once again in full effect.

Windy City Style.


No. Why the fuck not.


See, this guy we know who plays in this band we like, with this other guy, and this guy and this guy ... was asked to fill in for another guy and play bass with this other band.

And we were supposed to see them in Cincinnati last Sunday after Comfest ... but the venue had some water and power problems so the show was cancelled.

So we were out of luck.

Until we looked at the schedule, and remembered, that we could leave Columbus at 7 and be in Chicago by Midnight thanks to the fine motorists on I-65 (Yeah, we're still alive on I-65, thanks Joe & Colin!) who routinely drive 80 in Indiana (probably because there's nothing to see that's not flat and/or green) and the time change.

So we're here, in Chicago, to see Semi-Precious Weapons (again) ... only this time with Mark Fucking Nye on bass.

That's why we came.

It just so happens that "Taste of Chicago" is this weekend, so we're here, at the Hilton, on South Michigan Avenue, which happens to be directly across from Grant Park, where Taste of Chicago is. So we can get up, get breakfast, and walk across the street to Taste of Chicago for a while before heading up to Martyr's for Precious, Chest Rockwell, Dan and Mark at 6:45.

Then we're heading home ... Kara has to work Sunday at 4 p.m. ... I start my month on the bench ... employed but not having to go to work ... by hanging out with my daughter all week ... but first I have to go get her, and make a pit stop at the Blossom Music Center for the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra's "Salute to America" with patriotic music and fireworks.

Because that's what she wants to do.

We'll have pictures and updates later.

WeAreThatFuckingCool, Inc - OUT.

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