On the road again

WeAreThatFuckingCool, Inc., is at it again.

With our Mark Nye-penned philosophy of "Why The FUCK not?"

So greetings, again, from Chicago.

North West style.

Like O'Hare Airport Area.

To feed into, bring out and destroy Kara's fear of large, low-flying aircraft.

By putting her in the midst of the world's second busiest airport.

Cause I'm that fucking evil sometimes.

(That's a joke. Unless you listen to what some people would tell you. Then everything I do has an ulterior motive behind it. ANYWAY ...)

Aaron Tashjian is continuing his one man one guitar face-rocking midwest tour. Five cities, seven days.

And we decided ... why the fuck not go to all five shows.

Originally we were going to see four of the five shows ... Columbus (Wednesday, July 12), Morgantown (Thursday, July 13), Chicago (Saturday, July 15) and St. Louis (Tuesday, July 18). Then we kicked it about after hanging with Aaron for a bit at the kick-ass Tim Easton show in Columbus (Friday, July 14) and decided to hang out in the FREAKING FUCKING HOT MIDWEST for a few days ... predictions are hot and sunny and UPPER 90's all week ... because the face rocking is worth it. Even though the gas is about $3.39 a gallon here. So we're kicking in Chicago on Sunday, then driving up to Milwaukee to the Guitar Bar for Sunday's show, driving back through the long state called the IL on Monday to stay outside of St. Louis, then visiting the Gateway Arch on Tuesday before getting our faces rocked off on the final Aaron Solo Acoustic date in July.

Then we're heading to Graceland.

And Nashville.

And guess who we're going to see perform in Nashville? Another great Ohioan ... Drew Hastings.

Because that's how we roll.

But let's get back to the reason we're here: Aaron's Acoustic Stylings.

And how on Saturday, at Lilly's, He rocked the joint. As usual.

And I think we rocked his world a bit when we walked in the door with a hearty "FUCK YES."

I think he was quite surprised to see us.

I KNOW he was surprised to see the Swig Tooth shirts we made with some kick-ass iron-on transfers we found at Best Buy.

Because we're that cool. Or dorky.

But regardless of which side of that fence we're on, we did have one person at the show in Chicago give us her email address and wants us to make her a shirt like Kara's cool tanktop with the new hot Swig Tooth logo (designed by, well, me.)

And the Chicago crowd was in full coolness at Lilly's ... Justin from Semi-Precious Weapons (a Chicago native) was there ... with a host of friends, and a couple of other Ohioans were present as well ... friends and former classmates of Aaron.

(For the record ... Aaron is a graduate of New Albany High School and was a performer with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra. And he got the fuck out of Ohio after realizing that, for the most part, there are three types of music fans in Columbus:

  1. The Cool Dude (or Hip Chick) who goes to be seen in their latest cool kid wear, stands there, talks and could give two shits about the music
  2. the introverts go out to listen to music and stare at their shoes,
  3. the extroverts go out to listen to music and stare at other people's shoes)

Anyway ... tomorrow we're off to Milwaukee ... which, to quote Alice Cooper, "it's pronounced 'mill-e-wah-que' which is Algonquin for 'the good land'."

Party on, Garth.

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