Playing Tourist in St. Louis

So on Monday we drove to St. Louis from Milwaukee with nothing to view but corn, soybeans, silos and cell towers.

Tuesday, however, we did the tourist thing in St. Louis.

That means the Gateway Arch.

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630 feet tall. 630 feet wide. 190 acres of land. And a shitload of stainless steel.

And a four-minute ride to the top gives you the ability to look down on the rest of the Gateway Park ...
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The City of St. Louis, including the old courthouse

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And Busch Stadium ... home to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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And parts of Illinois ...

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And then we took a riverboat tour of the area ...

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so we've now been on two of the three main bodies of water that surround this country ... in June we were whale watching in the Atlantic Ocean, in July we took a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River ... and in August we plan on whale watching on the Pacific Ocean.

And we ended Tuesday as we ended Sunday, Saturday, Thursday and Wednesday of last week ... getting our faces rocked off by the genius that is Aaron Tashjian.

Don't believe me? Come witness Aaron with Swig Tooth in Cincinnati on August 3rd, Columbus on August 4th (with the X-Rated Cowboys) and in Cleveland on August 5th.

As for us, we're bidding farewell to Illinois and Missouri tomorrow, heading to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee (thanks Paul Simon) and Nashville, and if we can't find any good music to listen to we're planning on going to see Drew Hastings, cause he's a funny motherfucker.

We'll be back in Columbus sometime late Thursday and rocking out on Friday to the X-Rated Cowboys at the Short North.

Next update ... well, when I can ;-) ... Video blog of the Arch coming in a bit.

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