Leading horses to water

I've been kinda busy lately.

After the Kennywood trip, Kara, Cammi and I went to Niagara Falls for a couple of days, enjoying the (ahem) find Canadian hospitality.

Or, at least, their toffee.

And their whales.

Beluga whales, to be more precise.


Anyway, since then I've been sequestered in front of my computer at home (big shock, eh?) but oddly enough ... and get ready for this, I'm not surfing porn. (And no, not because I've seen it all. I'm actually being productive. And shit.)

I've updated my
photo galleries
on my website.

I've been studying for another certification test.

I finally got around to digitizing the video of
Swig Tooth
at ComFest.

And mastering it to DVD.

And it fucking rocks.

I'm giving
and Mark the first two copies for their review and approval ... so don't ask, it's not really available yet. If ever. It's their call ... it's their material. I'm just the guy who captured their magic on video.

And if you weren't there to see it, that's your loss.


Cause, as I said, it fucking rocked.

Speaking of the genius that is Aaron Tashjian ... he's doing a solo acoustic tour that's touching down in Columbus on Wednesday at Bernie's Distillery at 9.

I've seen Aaron do his solo acoustic stuff. I could watch and listen to him all day.


So join us (us being me and Kara) tomorrow at Bernie's.

Or Thursday in Morgantown, W.Va.

Or Friday as we rock out with Aaron at the
Tim Easton
/ Spikedrivers show at Little Brothers.

Or not.

Like everything, in life, whether you see Aaron, or us, or anyone at all, is your choice.

I can only tell you where to find good music. I can't make you listen. Or hear it.

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