Well, that was a fun party

So Friday was the official party to celebrate me surviving 40 years on this rock. The actual event was October 18, but I wanted to party with a kick-ass band that would make it a fun night, so I waited a week.

And it was worth it. And it was fun.

I was a little confused when I contacted the venue about reserving a space or maybe some drink or cover charge specials back in September ... I never heard back from them. Two emails, one phone call, nothing. Which is unusual, because places like to know if you're bringing in a dozen or so people so the logistics can be worked out.

Then, it turns out there was already a birthday party there that night. They had the top corner away from everyone else. Which was fine with me. Why? Well, in the words of Bruce Springsteen, "I wanna be where the bands are."

And we were. Right down in front of the stage. Getting rocked by The Filthy HabitS ... the best power-pop cover band in all the land.

And I was a dancing fool, too. With a very tall, thin, young, cute woman who wouldn't tell me her name, but kept kissing me because it was my birthday. And I was okay with that. Cause I was drunk.

Oh, and wow, my knee is killing me today from all the dancing. But it was fun. I had lots of friends there, I got balloons, and a ruler (inside joke) and a quite a few refreshing adult beverages purchased for me, so it was quite the fun night. Sorry you missed it.

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