This shit is rockin'

Just because it just came up on my iPod this morning (and fuck did I get all nostalgic for some classic Swig Tooth), I give you 19 minutes of the best band you'll never see again: Swig Tooth - Four on Five

My whole take: This is a legendary Swig Tooth show that was supposed to be a tune-up for Comfest 2006, but due to 'scheduling issues' at the club, ten bands were there to play during a four hour window. Each band, with the exception of the 'headliner' ... some shit-ass band with a label and a rider that said they got their full hour, agreed to play 20 minutes. Of the 40-odd people there that night, 30 were there to see Swig Tooth. Here is their complete 19 minute performance. As bassist Mark Nye said of the evening, "A little hate goes a long way."

Filmed in a dark bar with my Olympus point-and-shoot 5-megapixel digital camera ... complete with condenser mono microphone. Not bad, eh?

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