Dear John McCain ...

Senator McCain,

As a fan of fighter pilots everywhere, and with much respect for you and your fellow prisoners of war, I write this to you, today, older, wiser and more disgusted than I was when, as a bright-eyed enlisted man in the U.S. Air Force, I admired you in your darkest hours as a junior senator ... during the Keating 5 affair, where you got off with just a bad judgment spank on the wrist for watching as the Savings and Loan fiasco happened. I was paying attention because there by your side in the wrist-slapping line was my home-state senator, John Glenn.

When you re-emerged in the late 1990's dipping your toes in the presidential race, I was again a fan of yours. For your service, surviving the torture, and your ability to come back from the Keating 5, and for another decade of superb service in the U.S. Senate.

And you had my primary vote because you were noble. You were honorable. You were respectful. And you were qualified.

And we all know what happened: You got Roved.

When you returned to presidential politics in 2007, I was again, happy. In March 2008, well before the Democrats had picked their candidate, you told the Associated Press, "I will not take the low road to the highest office in this land."

In April, you again told the AP, "In all my travels here, Americans want a respectful campaign, they do, they want it. Now people say negative ads move numbers, they may, but do we have to go to the lowest common denominator? I don't think so."

Today, the country's economy is in ruin; global markets going down the drain; millions of Americans are without health care, hope, or jobs. Our clout in the world has fallen to unheard of levels, we're involved in two wars and there are our elected leaders are pushing towards Iran and threatening Russia; we're no closer to getting Bin Laden than we were prior to 9/11 AND the lame dead duck administration has no solid plans on how to fix any of the clusterfucks they've created before the end of an error on January 20, 2009 ... all you can talk about is William Ayres?


Are you so desperate to have switched campaign tactics and are now doing what you said you would not do having been through it yourself?

Please. Go back to your respectful, honorable persona. Talk about your plans to fix this great country. And if you lose ... do it with class.

Stop the attack dogs. Don't go down in history as bitter. Leave your legacy as the man of honor you were, or want to be; not the sad, nasty, Rovarian you've become.

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