UFC 88 - I was 6-3

My predictions and picks ended up not too bad. I really debated the Evans/Liddell call (I picked Chuck) and the Henderson/Palhares (Palhares was my choice) but have no complaints with how things turned out. Had I gone with my heart I'd have been 8-1! If Kayo hadn't hurt his back I'd have been 9-1 ... but I did get two of the fights by the round and method of victory.

As far as the Iceman goes ... damn. All I could say was "WOW" ... Evans hit him with a perfectly timed, perfectly aimed anvil-disguised as a punch. Liddell went down faster than a crack-whore in a hail storm. Dude was knocked the fuck out and was motionless for about a minute; woozy for several others. It was one of the most amazing knockouts I've ever seen, perfectly done by a very well-trained Rashad Evans (Greg Jackson Fight Camp is +2 against The Pit ... Keith Jardine also has a victory over Liddell).

Henderson fought a very smart fight and avoided the ground as much as possible although it was close for a bit there in the first.

The rest of the night pretty much went as I expected it. Joe Rogan is getting flack for saying he thought Matt Brown should have won against Dong Hyun Kim, but I think that's Joe being a UFC homer and wanting the UFC discovered Ultimate Fighter stars to win.

Next up - Ultimate Fight Night to kick off the Ultimate Fighter on Wednesday, 9/17; then a busy October with the Affliction card on 10/11; UFC 89 on October 18 free on Spike and UFC 90 on October 25 live in Chicago.

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