McCain owns VoteForTheMILF.com

That's good work boys. Way to corner the market on sexism.

They've since changed their WHOIS info to private ... but if you go there you're redirected to McCain's site's page for Palin.
From Govgap
  • URL Registered within ~36 hours of McCain’s Decision to select Palin as running mate
  • Redirect sends users specifically to a palin.htm file, but only on the FIRST redirect
  • Whois Privacy Information Matches JohnMcCain.com Whois Privacy
  • URL Held by same registrar
  • Note that the .net and .org versions also redirect to the McCain Campaign Website.

Network Tools Trace Route:
- (VoteForTheMILF.com)
- (JohnMcCain.com)


(BTW - Since this is breaking type news, there have been lots of edits through the godaddy control panel as the campaign attempts to hide the details. Govgap has the evolving story with updates addeded at the end.)

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