The Dead Schembechlers Live

I have but a passing interest in college sports. Which sometimes makes life here in a college football town tough.

Yes, I'll admit that I have have a couple of Ohio State shirts. I call them my Columbus Camouflage. I wear them to blend in more with the locals. But I won't start, or answer, the O-H chant. Because, really, if you're a graduate of the finest university in your state, with the pretense to REQUIRE that both an article naming you and that said article is capitalized (that means the The in The Ohio State University for you non-grammartarians, or, non OSU grads), and all you get out of your four years is the ability to spell the name of your state, and it has but four letters (one of which is repeated), is that a telling sign of the quality of your education? (I'm just wondering, being a tech-school grad myself.)

But I'm not here to hate on the Buckeyes, or their fans, because some of those OSU women are plenty freaking hot!

I'm hear to share my love of a vagabond gang of musicians so in love with The Ohio State University's football team, and so at war with arch rival Michigan that they've done the impossible and returned from the dead.

That's right, The Dead Shembechlers are back. With a new EP to come called "Rodriguez To Ruin." From their blog:

The EP will be released later this Fall in time for the Michigan game. Song titles will include "Rodriguez is A Weasel," "U Lost to App State," "USC Don't Mean Nuthin' To Me," U S(uck) C(ock)," "I'm So Bored with the S.E.C.," "Rich Rodriguez Can Suck My Dick" and "O-H-I-O."

The album will also feature four never before available on disc bonus cuts including "Chad Henne is A Motherfucking Joke," "Buckeye Surfer Girl," "We Don't Give A Damn for the Whole State of Michigan" and "The Ann Arbor Chainsaw Massacre Christmas Song."

They've also announced a two-city 200H8 Reunion Tour (and no, the H is NOT a typo. Re-read it. Chuckle to yourself and share that with friends) of Cleveland on 11/20 and, pending approval from the mayor, governor, and president-elect, an appearance at the 2008 Hate Michigan Rally in Columbus on 11/21. Or, pending NON-approval from said legislators, crashing the rally.

For the record ... all you bands out there ... click the link and read their bio. This is how you garner interest ... if you don't have that much going for you, just make shit up ... and make it so outrageous nobody knows if you're truthful, or not. A good mix of both keeps people guessing, and makes them come see you. Hell, Creed sold a fuckton of albums so anything is possible.

Oh, and I can be hired as a consultant if you need assistance.

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