This Week in Eric-Land

My friend Lia is cooler than you. She is the guest DJ on CD101 today from 1-2 pm (http://www.cd101.com if you're outside of Columbus and wanna listen).

Tonight I'm to see Megan Palmer tonight at the Rumba Cafe.

Tuesday might go see Iron Man. Hang out at Easton for a bit.

Speaking of movies, they're making a Dead Like Me movie. I loved that show.

Speaking of Television ... Battlestar Galactica has taken the "OH SHIT" count in Season 4 away from Lost. They stole a fucking base star? OH SHIT.

Wednesday I'll be On The Rocks in Dublin for The Filthy Habits. Damn those boys have good photos :D

Thursday, Lia (see above) and I are going to the House of Blues to see David Ford.

Friday I'll be at Victorian's Midnight Cafe to see Leah-Carla Gordone solo acoustic. She can rock the 12-string!

Saturday and Sunday I'll be in Youngstown ... going to visit some friends and take my mom back some big gray plastic bins she let me borrow when I moved ... and to get the last load of stuff out of her garage and basement ... visit some friends and grab some Yuengling.

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Jayne said...

BSG -- Yeah. Even if it was a beat to hell Basestar. Wait until they jump it into the middle of the Colonial Fleet. BTW, this week's episode is titled "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." Tell me Ron Moore doesn't have a sense of humor.

I thought last week's episode "Faith" was the best one so far. One of those that just bends your head a little. It looks like Madame Prez is thinking about changing from "Gods" to "God" and the Cylons are not only beating the crap out of each other, but it seems there is dissension amongst the rebels. Could be a fun ride.