I love my life.

Well, gas is $4 a gallon. Cleveland is 126 miles away from Columbus. I am in Columbus. David Ford is in Cleveland.

Some things (meaning amazing fucking music) are more important than the price of gas.

The genius that is David Ford was in Cleveland last night (that's May 15, 2008). And so was I. My favorite David Ford friend Lia (who you might remember is cooler than you) and I headed up I-71 in hopes of a great bunch of music from the now 30-year-old David (as of May 16, 2008).

We got more than that.

As I was checking in to see if I had a photo pass, who's in the lobby setting up the merch table but David Ford himself, and his tour manager Emma. So being the extrovert I am, I walk over, offer my hand and introduce myself as a long-time fan. The pleasantries are exchanged, I introduce Lia, he introduces Emma, I tell him I was hoping for a photo pass but hadn't heard back from the contact as his label. He looks at Emma, says "Put them on the list." Emma says "We have no list tonight, but we'll make one." We continue to talk, I fanboy out for a few moments (shut up, I'm allowed, I'm in the presence of genius), and not wanting to overstay my welcome or invoke the need for a restraining order, we allow David and Emma to get back to work on the merch table setup.

And out of the deal we got free tickets, and a photo pass, and the memories of being able to hang out and talk with a man I consider to be a musical genius. A man who's kept me company for many hours of music on my radio while driving, and a man totally worth driving to Cleveland to see play for the 30 minutes he was allotted as the opening man for Augustana. Even if gas was $10 a gallon.

Here's me and David hanging out before the show:

And here is David rocking out during the show:

Yeah ... good days, my friends. Good days. (More DF photos to come ... but homey gotta works in the AM!)

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