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Great blog about what guys can learn from the Sex and the City movie. I'll be missing that one. Sorry. I have a penis. And no desire to see a movie about a television show I never watched an episode of. Even for the alleged nudity.

The new Fish album 13th Star is AMAZING. "Vigil In A Wilderness of Mirrors" was always my favorite. The last couple have been ... meh ... but this album is gonna take over the top spot from "Vigil" in another couple of listens.

Two Cow Garage has music from their upcoming album on their myspace page. Damn. That's good stuff. They could be in the top 5 list for 2008 if the rest of the album is as good as what I've heard so far.

Speaking of my annual Top Album list ... five months into 2008 it's Aaron Tasjan on top with "Hard Love and Free Luck" ... and look for my detailed review coming this weekend; followed by Kathleen Edwards "Asking For Flowers" and Fish's album. Still waiting for Quinn Fallon (of the X-Rated Cowboys) and Red Wanting Blue's new release.

Speaking of Red Wanting Blue, they're playing Friday, June 6th, at the Park Street Patio for the Park Street Festival. I'm gonna be there Thursday, June 5th, for Saving Jane, before heading over (later) to Around The Corner in Gahanna for The Filthy Habits.

In happy hockey news, Stanley Cup finals are a blast ... I'll be keeping an eye on them Saturday night when I'm out and about, or before I go out (game starts at 8 in my world, check your local NBC station for your local listings). Still not sure where I'm gonna end up, but odds are good it will be The Treehouse for Two Cow Garage, et. al.

In sad hockey news, Luc Bourdon was killed in a motorcycle accident.

And finally, I was challenged to a trivia match by my friend Lawgirl. Wednesday night. At the usual spot. It's Sci-Fi trivia, so it should be an interesting battle. I kicked major ass last Saturday while waiting for the UFC fights. Music Trivia ... I had 23,000+ ... second place had 4,300. Cause I rule that way. She shall find out soon.

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