It's no donut, but it was dunkin'

As some of you are aware ... I'm quite a brand specific ... and once I find something I like, I tend to drive far out of my way to find it. Or buy it online. Until I can no longer find it. Then I bitch about it.

And every so often one of the products I'm very specific about surprises me in ways I never dreamed possible. In good ways.

Like one of my memory cards from my digital camera. That I dropped into a cup of coffee. Where it sat for a few seconds until I realized that splash was bad. Because the card still had stuff I needed to copy off of it. I feared the worst ... but I pulled it out, shook it off and let it sit, holes down to drain, for a few days ... I figured I was out one of my kick-ass Lexar Professional 2GB 133x with Write Acceleration memory cards. About $50.

Then today, I put it into the card reader and everything was beautiful. All the data copied over, I ran a couple of disk diagnostic utilities on and it's operating as normal. I love solid state stuff. No moving parts, and mere fluctuations in the electrical current that appear as zeros and ones to the device readers. Science is yummy.

So ... we learned that
Yay me :D

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Anonymous said...

not bad, you got lucky this time:)