A conversation with myself

Because I'm bored and have no real way to say what's on my mind ... I give you a Q&A between me and me.

My questions to me are in regular type.

My answers to me are in bold type.

Hey, did you see the trailer for the new "Larry the Cable Guy" movie?

No. Because I don't live in a trailer.

The previews for movies are called trailers.

Don't insult my smugness.

So .... are you going to see it?

No. Because I don't live in a trailer.

I thought you liked comedy? Larry's funny.

I do like comedy. I don't like him. And no, I'm not going to see his movie. He's not funny. He's a gimmick with predictable, lame, un-funny jokes that play to the lowest common human factor.

(Said in hick-drawl) "I don't care who you are ...."

(Interrupting you:) Stop quoting him. If your IQ and/or age is greater than the .... say .... the cubed root of 15,625, Larry The Cable Guy isn't funny.

You just hate him.

No, I don't hate him. He's. Just. Not. Funny.

Oh, so you just hate him cause he's getting paid.

No, I don't hate the guy for making money. Fools and their money are meant to be parted. If you want to give your money to a guy with a gimmick, that's your business. Roughly 2.4 million people saw his last movie. There's a obviously a market for redneck humor used to patronize the masses and distract them from the obvious. Hell, There were eight Ernest movies made. Enough said there.

So why do you hate him?

Dumbing down the nation.

(and for the record - his 'southern' humor is all based on his upbringing in ... Nebraska. See, gimmick. But good for him.)

1 comment:

The Sassy Orange said...

I don't like him either. I find him gross, actually.

I do love Ron White and Bill Engvall, though.