Why the NHL beats other sports

Cause I'm tired (:D) and over-worked, today is a stolen-content day.

From the XNHL Message Boards: Why the NHL beats all other major sports

Why the NHL is better than MLB
  1. There is less steroid use in the NHL.
  2. A baseball game has 10 total minutes of action in 3-4 hours.
  3. Fighting in baseball leads to suspensions - fighting in hockey is a 5 minute penalty.

Why the NHL is better than the NBA
  1. Who would you trust with making use of your money, the gangsta stereotype or the Canadian stereotype?
  2. Hockey fights usually stay on the playing surface.
  3. In the NBA, one extra foot on the floor was given a 1 game suspension. In the NHL, thats a 2 minute penalty.

Why the NHL is better than the NFL
  1. If you're don't support a Canadian team, odds are you wont need to wait 30 years or even 30 weeks for season tickets...
  2. Teams play between 16 to 20 games in the NFL. In the NHL, teams play between 82 to 110 games.
  3. The play doesn't stop every 10 seconds.

Why the NHL is better than NASCAR
  1. In the NHL, skating laps around the ice for seemingly no purpose is a warmup. In NASCAR, thats the event.
  2. NASCAR has speed limits, believe it or not. But, its pretty hard to limit shot and skating speed...
  3. I've yet to see a NASCAR race on ice...

Why the NHL is better than the MLS
  1. Most teams have more top-tier players then the entire league.
  2. The NHL doesn't have teams named after consumer products (..anymore)
  3. For every injury in the NHL, there is 30 faked injuries in any pro soccer league.

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