Planets and Photos and Knees

Oh My.
So we're having this discussion in my astronomy class about Pluto being downgraded to a Dwarf Planet from a regular planet and all the fallout from it.
So me being me ... I took it this way:

Mary K***** asked:
Question: If Pluto is no longer considered a planet will it be removed from all of the newly published materials or from the Voyage scale model in Washington, D.C.?
Eric B*** responded:
As the father of a 9-year-old who loved Steve and Blue (Blues Clues) ... what's gonna happen to the "Planet Song?"

"Oh the Sun's a hot star
And Mercury's hot too
Venus is the brightest planet
And Earth is home to me and you
Mars is the red one
And Jupiter's most wide
Saturn's got those icy rings
And Uranus spins on it's side
Neptune's really windy
And Pluto's really small
Well we wanted to name the planets
And now we named them all."

(yes, that's a joke ... but like she said ... who's is going to take the time to remove it from all the lists, books, models, etc ... not to mention the perception of most people ... [then again, half the population is dumber than average so maybe that's not too big of a deal there])

And for the record ... the instructor (not Mary who asked the question) has his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from M.I.T. and works for NASA as ... yes, a rocket scientist.

That's not intimidating when doing homework.

Oh ... yeah ... update on the knee .. well, going to see the surgeon who fixed it last time. My doctor friend in Columbus I saw Friday said the former surgeon would have the best records to be able to see the degeneration from then to know and determine if a scope or greater action would be needed to get it fixed.

Quick hits from the photo shoot of X-Rated Cowboys and Pat Green on Friday:

Mark Nye - X-Rated Cowboys

Quinn Fallon - X-Rated Cowboyx

Bob Hite - X-Rated Cowboys

Mark Nye & Bob Hite

Pat Green

Chris Skrobot

Chris Skrobot

Pat Green

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