No wonder kids play video games

Everything I did as a kid is now waaaaaaay too dangerous. We all know about playing alone outside, bike riding without a helmet, skateboarding, arc welding and petting stray dogs ... but now ... from the joy that is Health Day News ... digging holes in the sand can kill:
Digging Holes in the Sand Can Be Deadly
06.20.07, 12:00 AM ET

WEDNESDAY, June 20 (HealthDay News) -- Digging that hole to China on a sandy beach is a summertime rite of passage for many kids. But a new report reveals that those holes -- even fairly shallow ones -- can collapse and kill.

By sifting through news reports and other sources, researchers found 52 cases of sand-hole collapses in the United States and three other countries -- Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. Sixty percent of the victims -- 31 people -- died, while many of the others needed rescuing and CPR.

There may be many more cases that weren't reported, said report co-author Dr. Bradley Maron, an internal medicine resident at Boston University Medical Center. "We're trying to increase awareness of something that's generally not associated with a life-threatening event," he said. When people are on the beach, "their concern for safety is directed toward the water," he noted.
So, as I said, no wonder kids today stay in the house and play video games. They can't do anything else.

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