Happy Father's Day!

To all you Dad's out there ...

Happy Father's Day.

Me being me, well, I got the coolest gift I could receive:

This thing's AWESOME!

And after my day at the Pittsburgh Air Show lugging around my old shoulder bag, this thing will make Comfest significantly easier on my back, which is hurting today!

Oh, and there's a flippin' tri-pod holder on one side; and a drink holder on the other. HELLS YEAH! :D And there's a LAPTOP sleeve, too. OH SNAP this thing rocks!


jackiescivic said...

yep, those are awesome. i've been looking at different ones lately. Going to have to wait until I have a new job though :( Still trying to decide if I want one I can grow with, or one that fits just what I currently use.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you know how I feel about luggage...

Color me envious.