Random Links and shit

Because I'm not feeling like writing but have things to share ... enjoy:

If you like sports and movies ... check this gem of a graduation speech that is comprised of nothing but lines from sports movies.

If you like LOST ... check out this amazing recap of Season 3 done in Innernets speak.

If you're like me and think $2 for a large coffee at Dunkin Donuts beats the hell out of anything at all from Starbucks (a.k.a. Four Bucks), welcome to my church.

This is, without a doubt, the funniest thing to come out of Wisconsin. Imagine a street-fight battle-to-the-death between the characters of Star Wars and the Peanuts Gang. This guy did it. Read here. (for the record ... does anyone have anything else funny from Wisconsin other than the "Bong Recreation Area" (it's a real place)?

John Moe takes on Billy Joel's "Piano Man" in his latest "Pop Song Correspondence."

If you happen to do things like download movies, music, or anything else that, um, might get you noticed ... here are some tips to do it a little stealthier. Personally, I'd use 1 and 5. If I were to do such things.

I'll be one of six people watching the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight.

And finally ... as part of USAToday's on-going self-congratulatory 25-year anniversary, here are their Top 25 Things that have disappeared in the past 25 years.


jackiescivic said...

lol i can't believe you remember the Bong Recreation Area in Wisconsin! Every time I'd drive past the sign, I'd laugh. I just couldn't help it! I really want to know who thought of it!

Anonymous said...

Kelly and I watched the game too... who were the other 3 people??