CD101 Andyman-A-Thon - Day 1

Hello. I'm here at the CD101 Studios in the Brewery District in Columbus, Ohio, for the CD101 Andyman-A-Thon. I'm doing photos and live blogging This is the blog, these are the photos:

The Language Our Fathers Forgot is getting ready to play.
And they rocked it. Wow. Intensity!

(Photos posted on Flickr)

Listen live at CD101.com ... and donate if you can!

The Blue-Eyed Gunslingers ROCKED! Damn.
Photos are posted here.

2nd Hand Porn was a riot! Photos are here!

The Lost Revival might be my new favorite Columbus band. Photos here!

Since we have a bit of a break between bands, I'm going to give you a bit of the rundown on what exactly this is, and how it happens:

1. CD101, WWCD, is an independently owned modern rock radio station in Columbus, Ohio (webpage / wiki page). It is located, oddly enough, at 101.1 on your FM dial, and available streaming on the web at http://www.cd101.com/

2. Andy Davis (Andyman) was the first DJ ever hired, and is still here as the program director and face/voice of the station. Every year, around Christmas, he picks a weekend for the Andyman-A-Thon. During that weekend, he stays up for 48 hours broadcasting, talking to people, asking for money for the various charities that are helped out by the CD101 For The Kids Foundation. To date he's raised more than $55,000 last year. This is the 16th year.

3. In addition to playing any song they have or can get, regardless of if it fits the mostly alternative format at CD101, there are a ton of local bands and musicians who come into studio's famous Big Room and perform anywhere from three to 10 songs, depending on the band, the popularity and the time available. Most bands get three songs. The bands donate their time and performance.

4. Many local retail and food service establishments donate food, beverage and prizes. Some prizes are won by callers, others are put into the CD101 For The Kids eBay auction along with autographed items from the many bands that have visited the CD101 Studios over the past year. This year's eBay crop features 160 items. Some of the auctions are still on-going.

5. The entire Andyman-A-Thon is staffed by volunteers in addition to the station's staff; volunteers man the phones, help the bands load in and load out, mill around and keep the place festive and keep Andy away as the hours tick by. Amy and Michelle are running the show this year, and doing a masterful job.

6. This is the first year I've been involved. I was a spectator to Big Room performances in 2004 and 2005. As a friend of Andy's, I had the idea to volunteer my skills as a photographer and document the bands, the event and the fun ... I hope to do this every year. It's for a good cause.

Okay ... The Lost Revival is setting up. They're the final band for the evening. They could be my next favorite Columbus band ... I'll have to investigate them more ... and with that, I'm heading home and calling it a night.

I'll be back tomorrow ... for Day 2 of the 2008 Andyman-A-Thon!

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