Andyman-A-Thon - I'm doing photos!

This weekend is the 16th Annual CD-101 Andyman-A-Thon to raise money for the CD101 For The Kids foundation. Andyman stays awake for 48 hours ... the station, being independently owned and operated ... will play any song from any artist for a donation, as long as it's FCC-allowed.

What makes the Andyman-A-Thon special, however, are the legendary Big Room Performances ... here is a schedule of shows. The only one not confirmed by the station is the X-Rated Cowboys ... but I have good word they'll be playing it. The bands come into the studio and play live, original and covers ... again, all for donations.

The first year I was there (2004) I saw Watershed do an hour of "Stump The Band" ... watched as they auctioned off a backyard concert ... and became a fan for life.

This year I'm volunteering my services as Andy's official photographer for all the action in the Big Room and around the station - the volunteers who man the phone banks, Andy for the mission he does every year ... and it is a haul to be awake and alert for 48 hours ... and the general comings-and-going of the event.

If you're not local, you can listen to the show live on the web at CD101.com ... and check my Flickr page and the CD101 website for photos ... I'm going to shoot them and upload to Flickr without editing ... but it will be quick.

All that being said, here's the tentative lineup for the Big Room ... with the XRC show in italics since it's not confirmed by the station ... there may be other acts as the weekend rolls on ... Andyman-A-Thon is always good for a surprise or ten, and allows you to hear some of the great local bands here in Columbus without having to pay a cover or find somewhere to park.

So listen, enjoy, donate, have fun.

Fri 20:00 Language Our Fathers Forgot
Fri 21:00 Blue Eyed Gunslingers
Fri 22:30 2nd Hand Porn

Sat 00:00 The Lost Revival
Sat 09:30 Shamrock Club Pipes & Drums
Sat 11:00 Dammits
Sat 12:30 Delyn Christian
Sat 14:00 Nuclear Children
Sat 15:00 X-Rated Cowboys
Sat 16:00 The Receiver
Sat 17:00 Blasphemy Saints
Sat 18:30 Willie Phoenix
Sat 20:00 Brundle Fly
Sat 21:30 Wing and Tusk

Sun 00:00 Colin G
awel from Watershed
Sun 09:30 Lucy's Maze
Sun 12:00 St. Timothy's School 3rd Graders and Chior

Sun 13:30 Ghost Shirt
Sun 15:00 Karate Coyote
Sun 16:30 Happy Chichester

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