CD101 Andyman-A-Thon, Day 3

14:40 ... Welcome to the better-late-than-never Day Three of the CD101 Andyman-A-Thon ... we're just short of the $25,000. The band Ghost Shirt was here and those are some classy peeps who know how to rock ... they're among one of my favorite bands to see ... hard to go wrong with that lineup!


Karate Coyote is next ... they're setting up and it looks like fun ... and a great-sounding Gibson guitar, too!

15:19 ... Karate Coyote was quite fun. They're playing on Jan 7th at Skully's with one of my favorite bands ... Paper Airplane!


15:20 ... While my photos upload, I'm very surprised that we've had more than 1,000 unique hitson my CD101 Andyman-A-Thon collection ... that's great. Now if each one of those hits could donate $10 ... we'd be rolling in the dough for the kids.

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank and acknowledge the wonderful staff of CD101, from the air staff (Rachel, Leslie, Patrick, Michael, Copper, Alex and anyone I missed ...) to the management ... Wendy, Amy and Michelle ... and the staff here volunteering to keep the business of fund raising going on behind the scenes ...and providing the volunteers, like me, those answering the phones, helping load and unload band gear and keep Andyman awake, with food, beverage and smiles. Everyone's tired, nobody more than Andyman at this point, but everyone knows the bottom line is helping out a bunch of kids and families who need help.

15:30 ... We're about an hour away from Happy Chichester, our final scheduled musical act of the 2008 Andyman-A-Thon ... I like Happy ... he's rather entertaining.

Wow. Happy never disapoints. From last-minute requests to new songs to fun banter, he's quite the treat for the ears.


Well, we have but two hours left ... I hope the money continues to roll in and Andy suvives the next 120 minutes! I'll have photos when he's finished ...

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