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My review of the new Red Wanting Blue CD "These Magnificent Miles" is here on my Just Another Columbus Ohio Music Blog. Come get your face rocked off at the Lazy Chameleon with Red Wanting Blue on Saturday.

The Semi Precious Weapons show on Sunday, 8/31 at BoMA is 18+ ... sorry kiddies.

And today's Oh, Eric moment:

I think they guy who wrote "100 Things To Do Before You Die" should have added protective headgear somewhere early in his list. I'm just sayin'.

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rebeckajane said...

Hey Eric, I agree, it is pretty magic and the thing that was amazing was that he liked so many things that Nathan did, certain foods, certain sports or events, their birthdays are 7 days apart, the similarities in them as young children. Their eyes. So many things.

The most amazing part was the guitar, on his birthday, just short of 2 months after receiving Nathan's heart and 7 days after Nathan's birthday, he played the guitar for the first time in his life. Nathan would think that was so cool. He loved his guitar and his music, it was a huge part of who he was. Is.

As happy as I am for them and pleased to know my boys heart went to what appears to be a really nice young man, it just tears me apart because I want his heart in his body keeping him alive. I have to wonder why the people who's lives were saved by my boys gift, were ment to live and he wasn't.

I guess I will never understand or know that.

Nae will live on forever, this guy is getting married in November now because of Nae and he will go on to have children as will his children and so on. Well if they chose to have children.

Thanks Eric x