Apple <3's Jay Farrar

So I've noticed a trend on my iPod and my iTunes library.

I currently have 3216 songs in my iTunes library. 132 of them are Jay Farrar related (Uncle Tupelo songs he sings, his solo stuff, or Son Volt). That's 4.1% of my tunage being directly related to the genius of Jay Farrar.

However, 11% of the songs chosen in "shuffle" mode the last three times I've tracked have been the genius of Jay Farrar.

That's not all. It's NOT only iTunes. It's the iPod, too.

Of the last 14 times I've clicked on the 'shuffle' mode of my iPod touch ... I've had Jay Farrar/Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo come up 10 times as the FIRST SONG PLAYED.

That's nearly 72% of the time for those of you with math issues. Of the 2412 songs on my iPod, with Jay represented in 5.47% of those songs ... those odds lead me to belive that somewhere, an iTunes and iPod programmer or three has weighted the genius of Jay Farrar, Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt higher in the algorithm used to dictated the first song played, and the frequency of the shuffle mode.

Yeah, it's a world of conspiracy therories. I've just added to the list.

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