Good Candy Gone Bad

There are few things in life better than chocolate and peanut butter ... specifically in the shape of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Even better ... a Reese's ... frozen.

That's some good food. And that's not just my opinion (nor my photo. Since I stole it from that blog, I figured I should link to it!)

One day last week I went to the vending machine at work wanting the little bit of flavor love that only a Reese's can give ... only to find the vending machine downstairs had NO peanut butter cups, and the upstairs one had the Boyer Peanut Butter Cup. Yes, Boyer, as in the company who gave us the Mallo-Cup.

So I figured ... well, it's chocolate. And peanut butter. How bad can it be? So I took a bite.

Awful. Fucking awful.

Let's look at the top photo of the luscious looking Reese's cups, out of the package.

Now let's look at the competition, out of the package

While it is candy, it's not eye candy. Doesn't look appealing. Looks even less so out of the wrapper

In fact, the only place this alleged peanut butter cup looked good -- the garbage can.

So now I have to say ... there is no Peanut Butter Cup, there is only Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And if you're charging me 80 cents, mister blind man who fills our vending machines at work, at least give me real candy. You have Snickers and M&M's and other brand name chocolate goodness. Why do you deny me the Reese's?


Anonymous said...

The illustrations are priceless...

Eric said...

That's some top-notch camera-phone-photography using the finest in government cubicle furniture and overhead fluorescent lighting.

rebeckajane said...

I have never had a peanut butter cup, I think you can buy them here though..I should, shouldn't I?