Sweet home, Chicago

Well, that was a fun weekend.

After getting my face rocked off by Razorbliss, Semi Precious Weapons and Bullet Jones on Thursday night at Ravari Room, me and the roomie headed up to Chicago to see the tour-ending Semi Precious Weapons show at the Cobra Lounge. Outstanding ... was again in the front row, had my head used as a footrest and my big fake 'fro ripped off my head towards the end of the show ... and yes, there will be fabulous pictures of Justin, the insanity of Cole and Aaron and some damn near naked Dan photos to come.

Prior to the show, we spent the day Saturday at the Navy Pier since the weather was so crappy (cold rain, snow and the world-famous wind of Chicago that was producing massive whitecaps and waves on Lake Michigan that one could, given enough warm weather gear, probably body-board, if not outright surf). Walked through the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows ... which was AMAZING. (yep, pictures to follow. Imagine that!) Had a couple of cool drinks (with take-home souvenir glasses) at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, and despite not liking the movie all that much (and having just seen the whole thing for the first time start to finish in 2007), still answered three trivia questions right.

Spent a little bit of time at the Cobra talking to Justin's mom, Cole, Dan, Krista, Sean and various other people about my new hair do (big-ass Afro wig I bought at the Navy Pier).

Spent a lot of time at the Cobra talking to Aaron Lee Tasjan ... both before and after his blistering guitar work that had the guys in the opening bands wow'ed. Then again, most are wow'ed seeing Aaron play.

[SIDENOTE: I urge everyone in the greater metropolitan Columbus area to come get wow'ed as Aaron plays the Rhumba Room on April 23 ... backed by the genius that is Two Cow Garage ... and bring some cash money to purchase Aaron's debut (as far as you know) solo album "Hard Love and Free Luck" ... which I'll be reviewing here later this week.

And then come see Two Cow Garage blow the bark off Andyman's Treehouse on April 25 ... but bring your earplugs. END SIDENOTE]

And finally closed out the weekend stopping off in Indianapolis for a bit ... saw Monument Circle, stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe, Circle Center Mall (four floors of shopping goodness) and got home at 9:15 p.m. - exactly 36 hours after we left.

Oh, and we saw a midget, too.

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Anonymous said...

All you needed to complete the weekend was to have someone's face shoved into a rocker's crotch. Oh wait, that did happen. Long live glam rock!