New Job Update

Things I like about my new job (other than the fact it's in Columbus):
  • Working in a building with 1,000+ people. It's nice to see new faces on a daily basis.
  • Not having a laptop. Because it means no after hours work, no on-call, no remote support. Yay me, having a life again. When 5:00 rolls around I head home and leave work at work.
  • Having a defined, detailed job description (gotta love government lists and regulations) that has the famous last line of "Other Duties as assigned."
  • Parking in the furthest lot away from the building because I'm new and parking is based on position and seniority. The upswing ... at least I'm getting my exercise!

Things I need to adjust to:
  • Working in a building with 1,000+ people. I worked in a building that initially had 25 people, when I left there were 20, because, YMDC people reading this - "Less is better." Prior to this position, I worked in a building that had 15. It's been over 3 years since I've had to deal with seeing people I don't know by name.
  • Working in a building with multiple bathrooms ... and multi-person bathrooms. That's quite different, too.
  • Not having free coffee at work. This sucks.

Things I don't like about my new job:

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