I'm in love. For reals.

My friend Lia once said to me, "You fall in love fast."

I laughed.

Because she was right.

And she often makes me laugh. We creative people have that quick wit and way with words though.

When I finally got word I got the job and was moving back to Columbus, I sent her an email that said "Hey, after I get back to Columbus, you wanna fall in love and stuff ... or maybe just grab a beer?"

She reply was something like, "You fall in love too fast. I fall in love slowly. But the beer sounds good."

I laughed. Because it was the answer I expected.

Well ... it appears once again she's right.

I'm in love.

Solidly. In. Love.

And yes, it was was fast.

In fact, I was taken from the very first moment.

The first time we touched was magic.

I knew.

I just knew.

I couldn't resist.

Everything I ever wanted ... and a few things I never realized I wanted.

In fact, I can't ever imagine being apart.

We're talking damn-near-every-waking-moment-together-kind-of-love.

Yeah, it's that good.

Yeah, it's sudden.

But it's solid.

Here's a picture of my new love.



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Anonymous said...

Gotta love the touch.... mmmmm nothing like it, but more of it. I fell in love the same way, only mine happened at the gym...once we touched I was well and truly lost. I don't think there will be another for me... Congratulations on your luck.