I love my new camera

So it's less than a week since I dropped the dime (well, lots of dimes, really) for my new camera, and I have to say it's sooooo totally worth every one of those dimes.

Times 10.


I'm having so much fun with this thing that it's blowing my mind. I can't wait to download the pics and see them.

And when I get back to Columbus I'm going to post them ... because they are fine.

In the mean time, there are a couple already out there ... my friend Lia has a few posted on her MySpace profile, which you can see here, and after I get the shots I took at the Watershed/Clarks show resized and uploaded I'll put them in a blog as well as on my photo page.

And I have a ton of Cammi pictures too (that's my daughter. She's 8. In fact, she's now officially tired of my new camera, that's how many pics I've taken of her so far.)

So updates are coming, with new pics from the past week of photo joy. Here are two teasers from the Watershed / Clarks show, however.

. . . . .

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