Big weekend plans.

Okay ... I'm out for the long holiday weekend ... starting on Thursday:

Thursday - Doctor's appointment in New Castle, then taking my step-daughter (she's 12) to see Sean Paul at the House of Blues in Cleveland ... stop laughing.
She loves the Sean Paul. She's never been to a concert. Her mother bought the tickets ... so I'm stepping up to the plate and taking one for the team and taking her. Who knows, I might like it. I did see MC Hammer, twice, and liked it. And Vanilla Ice. And Run DMC. And Public Enemy. So I'm down with the hip-hop scene (as down as a 37-year-old, prematurly-graying cracka with bad knees can be, but still ...) (Um, anyone know anything Sean Paul sings cause I sure as heck don't.)

Friday -
some work stuff in the Youngstown/Warren area during the day, then maybe the Canfield Fair if the weather's nice, or if not, some bowling or a movie or the pool at the hotel.

Saturday -
Grabbing the kids and heading back to Columbus for the
Star Wars
exhibit at COSI... with my camera this time (DOH!) to get some good pics ... and because it's cool, and it's leaving town after the doors close Monday ... then taking them back home Saturday night and staying in Austintown.

Sunday -
back to the House of Blues in Cleveland for
Pat Green
because Chris Skrobot is on guitar ... and because Pat Green's new album is pretty rockin' compared to his last.

That's right, people,
is pretty darn good, I downloaded it from iTunes for $10. You should, too.

Monday -
Canfield Fair if it's nice .. then home to Cbus, for more studying ... because I'm planning on taking another certification test on Friday.
I should have internet access at the hotel ... but if not, talk to you next week.

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