If you're memeing "Trump's doing It Right" ... you're doing it wrong.

There's a new meme floating around about how if you're pissing off both parties (as DJTrumpleThinSkin is), you must be "doing it right".  

Seriously? This is how you determine Trump's doing it right:

So "doing it right" means you parade a bunch of D-list celebs and underwear models on stage at your party's convention who are constantly calling for the imprisonment and DEATH of your political opponent?

So "doing it right" means insulting the parents of a military member who died defending his troops? And then doubling down and defending that platform for days? And having your spokesperson try to shift that blame to President Obama, who was a first-term Senator in 2004?

So "doing it right" means we go back to the Bush era "Enhanced Interrogations" so we can torture enemy combatants and suspected terrorists?

So "doing it right' means getting rid of the Geneva Convention because you don't understand it and think it's anchient and no longer relevant?
So "doing it right" means you mock the handicapped?

So "doing it right" means not understanding that nuclear weapons are a weapon of last use, not first use? Nine countries have nukes. We are the only country to ever use them. And if they do get used again? Nobody will have them For a very long time. Because we will all be dead. That's called Mutually Assured Destruction.

So "doing it right" means insulting an entire religion based on the behavior of less than one half of one percent? Repeatedly?

So "doing it right" means insulting an entire race by saying the Hispanics coming across the border are rapists and drug abusers and lazy, yet at the same time saying they're stealing our jobs? How does that happen?

So "doing it right" means spitting out bumper sticker slogans that will never happen? You're not building a wall along the Mexican border and Mexico's not paying for it. It's logistically impossible and completely unpossible to make Mexico pay for it. Yeah, I used unpossible. Because it fits with your un-ability (not inability) to understand construction logistics. Also, the Mexicans are now building tunnels.

So "doing it right" means deporting 11 million undocumented aliens and their children who are citizens despite the Constitution prohibiting it?

So "doing it right" means if American citizens who are Muslims leave the country you want to not let them come home again, despite the Constitution prohibiting that, too?

So "doing it right" means insulting one of the highest ranking members of your party, who served 24 years in the military including 5 years, 4 months, 2 weeks, 2 days as a prisoner of war in Vietnam by telling him you like people who didn't get captured while you avoided serving by using four college draft deferments then claiming to have bone spurs in your heels? 

So "doing it right" means repeatedly screaming "Make America Great Again"? 

Let me ask you this, Donald Trump and Trump parakeets:

When was America great? 

  • When white people had brown people as slaves (1776-1863)?
  • When the North and South were at war and brothers were fighting brothers (1861-1865)? 
  • When we were slaughtering the natives of this land (1619-1920)?
  • When we were sending our best and bravest to Europe to defeat fascism in the 1910's and again 1940's?
  • When white males ran everything and brown people had to use different entrances and water fountains (1865-1968)? 
  • During the Vietnam War (1962-1975)? 
  • During the energy crisis and recession under Presidents Ford Carter when the Steel Mills all shut down (1974-1981)? 
  • When President Reagan gutted the middle class (1981-1988)? 
  • When President Bush The First gutted the military then fought a half-assed war in Iraq but stopped before the war was won (1989-1992)?  
  • When Bill Clinton was banging every woman in site while the Tech bubble was building and burst (1992-2000)?
  • Was it between 1/20/2001 and 9/11/2001 before we were punched in the face by Islamic terrorists resulting in two wars so President  Bush the Second could finish Daddy's war? (2001-2008)
  • Was it when the Gulf Coast was ravaged by Hurricanes and people still blame President Obama, even though he was a first-term senator in 2006? 

I ask because you've made it clear America's not been great since January 20, 2009, when President Obama took office.

I completely disagree. Here are some big reasons:

  • U.S. businesses have added 15 million jobs since private-sector job growth turned positive in early 2010 after losing jobs in 24 of the 25 prior months starting in 2008.
  • President Obama has cut the deficit in half. He is the only President ever to reduce the deficit every full year in office.
  • President Obama has cut the unemployment rate in half. 
  • Six consecutive Presidents promised to pass Health Care Reform. President Obama kept that promise.
  • President Obama is the first president to reduce the number of illegals in our country.
  • President Obama ended our deepest recession. 
  • President Obama oversaw the military operation that killed our greatest enemy, Osama Bin Laden.
  • President Obama has kept us safe. Safer than any other President in our lifetimes.

Personally, I think America has always been great. But I want America to be BETTER:

  • I want America to be better for people of all skin colors, races and religions, regardless of who they love or identify as. 
  • I want America to better understand and embrace science. Wind and solar power are NOT finite resources. We can harness them and use them for clean energy without ever running out of them. Until the sun goes supernova in about five BILLION years.
  • I want America to be better with Citizens United overturned so billionaires can't buy elections.
  • I want America to be great again without political parties gerrymandering congressional districts to stack state legislatures.
  • I want America to be better with the Supreme Court moderate.
  • I want America to be better with a woman having the right to choose what she does with her body.
  • I want America to be better in dealing with mental health so we can stop this run of mass shootings.
  • I want America to be better by having the police be the police, not the judge, jury and executioner. Give them better training, give them better protection and give them the ability to root out the bad cops and stop making them revenue generators, because
  • I want America to be better where we don't have for-profit prisons so there's no money to be made on incarceration.
  • I want America to be better by taking greater steps towards a single-payer healthcare solution like the rest of the civilized world has so Americans don't have to have GoFundMe pages to pay for surgery, recovery, medications and living expenses while unable to work due to a medical condition.  
  • I want America to be better at taking care of its veterans, If you vote to send them to war, vote to take care of them when they come home.

American has has always been great. And at the same time been awful for certain groups of citizens, but we learn, we grow, we evolve, we keep getting better.  America has gotten better for a lot of people in the last eight years under President Obama that haven't had it so great. And that will continue under President Hillary Clinton. Remember, elections are a lot like driving. D moves you forward, R moves you back. #ImWithHer

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You nailed it Eric! I'll be sharing this.
Good words !!