My 2012 Comfest Schedule

I've had a few friends ask me for ComFest suggestions ... and who I'm going to see this year, so here is my ComFest Schedule ... in addition to my volunteer shifts doing trash clean up and recycling, I'm also working with my friend Ryan Cox as he spreads the word on the Cannon.fm  (This is an app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, available here, that will allow you to discover music based on individual cities and genres, starting with Columbus), so you might see me handing out info as I travel from stage to stage.

That being said, here's my ComFest 2012 Schedule, and if you want a cool shirt and some free beer tokens, Comfest always needs volunteers ... so go here, sign up and become part of the ComFest Community of Volunteers.

Noon-4 Volunteer Trash
3:40 Whoa Nellie! Bozo
5:50 Ginger Lees Solar
6:30 Low Men Offramp
7:05 Tim Easton Solar
8:30 Shane Sweeney Solar
9:00 Micah Schnabel Solar
9:20 The Ooh-la-las Burlesque  Live Arts
Noon The Shazzbots Offramp
12:35 Erica Blinn Gazebo
2:20 The Salty Carmels Gazebo
3:20 Spikedrivers Gazebo
4:00 Apple Bottom Gang Offramp
5:30 George Elliot Underground Offramp
6:25 The Town Monster Offramp
7:20 The Saturday Giant Offramp
8:15 Winter Makes Sailors Offramp
9:15 She Bears Offramp
10p-2a Volunteer Trash
11:45 Harvest Kings Offramp
12:20 The Dewdroppers Bozo
2:00 Erika Hughes  Gazebo
2:50 Willie Phoenix Bozo
3:40 Jenn Miller Jazz
4:00 Mendelsonics Gazebo
4:50 Lost Revival Offramp
5:35 Bygones Offramp
6:25 Alert New London Offramp
7:15 The Girls! Offramp

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