Bald Heads and Sunburn Suck

So, I have a really funny story about why we were late for Erica Blinn and PJ Schreiner's show at Club Cafe when they opened for WATERSHED on Wednesday. I burned the holy hell out of my head and face at ComFest over the weekend, and decided that it was 'recovered enough' to shave the fuzz of my head and face. Well, I was wrong. Should have left it alone. Between the shaving and the showering, I think I lost two or three of the seven layers of skin on my head. My skull was ON FIRE.

So Allison and I go to dinner, she notices the patchwork and the pain I'm still in and suggests Solarcaine. I agree. I've used it before, worked great. So we find it, and in the parking lot of RiteAid in Austintown, I proceed to spray my raw and blistered head with a serious coating of this stuff.


Between the already contracted skin from the sunburn, the abrasions from the shaving and the fact that Solarcaine states "Do not spray in abundance on areas of raw or blistered skin" on the warning label I read about 20 minutes later, my head felt like nothing I've ever felt in my life. My vision got white, I got dizzy. I felt like I was going to pass out, shit myself, vomit, or all of the above, hopefully in a manageable order.

For 10-15 minutes, I was completely incapable of doing anything but avoiding all of the three things mentioned above, while trying to get over this so we could get on the road to Pittsburgh. Finally, Allie said we should go to my place so so I could rinse off my head. I tell her there's no way I can drive. Hell, I can barely stand. So we head that way ... I'm still freaking the fuck out. This is the second weirdest thing I've ever been exposed to.

Funny thing ... when we hit my parking lot ... whatever medication is in the Solarcaine finally started working and my head felt great. Tender, sure. But that whole "pass out puke shit myself" feeling was gone, and we switched seats and headed down to Pittsburgh. With a very valuable lesson learned:

Next year, at Comfest, my hat stays on.

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