Random Thoughts .. 2010.01

Random thoughts catching up on the DVR: 
  • Heroes = meh. I hated the whole Carnival thing. I'm glad it's over. 
  • Flash Forward is pretty decent, so far. 
  • LOST is becoming interesting as the approach the end.
  • Caprica is the best show on TV. Best. Show. Ever.
  • Yuengling Bock is okay. Yuengling Lager is still my favorite.
  • 60 minutes on the elliptical every day feels pretty good.
  • I miss having a girlfriend.  But I won't settle for less than who I want.
  • My daughter, who just turned 12, is AMAZING.
  • Futurama is a pretty funny show I never paid attention to.
  • I miss seeing good bands.
  • I'm glad my project at work has ended and I can have a life again.