My Views on the Health Care Reform

Imagine you are starving. Two people walk up to you. One of them has a hamburger.  The other has nothing:

Person 1:  Here. Have this hamburger. You look hungry.

Person 2:  You shouldn't eat that hamburger. It's bad for you.

Starving Person:  Person 1 - Thank you.  This is a step in the right direction.  Where can I find a steady source of this food?

Person 1:  Here.  We'll get you on a proper nutrition course to ensure you can eat right from cradle to grave without worrying about going broke trying to afford food.

Starving Person:  Thank you.

Person 2:  No, you really shouldn't eat that hamburger.

Starving Person:  Person 2 - Then what should I eat?

Person 2:  Let me go back to the kitchen for another year and figure that out.

Is a hamburger the best thing for a starving person?  No. 

Is this Health Care Insurance Reform Bill the best thing for America?  No.

But it beats the hell out of nothing.  Get it?

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