The Smile and the Nod ...

SUBTITLE: At least my life's not boring.

So on Sunday me and my (female) roomie went out to a local establishment here in the greater Columbus area to hang with her people, as she called them ... the Steeler Nation.

We hit the bar one of the local Steeler Backers club meets at for the Super Bowl ... after me making her go to BW3 all season for games, I told her she could pick where she wanted to go for the Super Bowl and we'd go.

And we did.

And it was good.

However ... just after kick-off I noticed an absurdly hot woman (in my still-sober mind) at the other end of the bar. When I walked by her heading to the used-beer return, I was smitten.


And really, for the record, there were a lot of really hot single women at this bar, wearing jerseys or tight-t-shirts professing their love for the black and gold. More single women than single men. Seriously.

After a few curious glances, I point my infatuation out to the roomie. She says, "Oh, the one sitting next to her girlfriend, the dyke?" I said, "Yeah, probably. Maybe they're just 'friend' friends."

Roomie, in her ever-so-dry-retort, says "Yeah. Good luck with that."

Second quarter ... I (eventually) get the bartender's attention, tell him her next one is on me. He says, "Dude. You're barking up the wrong tree. She's into the ladies. Seriously. Into. The. Ladies."

I looked up and said "Yeah, story of my life. But she's hot as balls, give her the beer anyway."

She thanked me. The smile and the nod.

So later, as I again visited the used-beer-return and admired her hotness on the way in ... she stopped me on the way out.

"Ya know ... I'm 100% lesbian, but thanks for the beer," she said.

"You're welcome," I said ... then added, "Nothing wrong with buying a beautiful woman a beer in a bar though. Can't blame a guy for trying, eh?"

She said, "Actually ... no. And I have to say you're what I'd go for if I had a single straight chromosome in my body."

My reply: "As Carl the Groundskeeper said, 'So, at least I got that much going for me'"

She roared in laughter. "I LOVE THAT MOVIE. I hope you find a night straight woman to make you happy."

My final parting comment, "Oh, I'd be happy with a bisexual one, too."

Yep, in a sports bar full of hot women, I managed to crush on the lesbian.

I got skills like that. Bitches be doubting, but I can prove it over, and over, and over again!

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