Weekend Update

Jane, you ignorant slut.

Oh, wait. That's soooo dated. Most of you won't get that.

Anyway ...

Had an MRI on my knee this morning. Been having some problems and not too sure what, but I've had problems before with that knee and surgery, too ... so it's damaged, to say the least. Lately it's been really, really bad, so I'm back to the Orthopod who fixed it last time ... 7 years ago.

But MRI's are weird ... and like anything else in life ... when they tell you not to move your leg, all you want to do is move your leg. Like when you're having surgery, and they tell you not to eat or drink after midnight, at 1:30 a.m. you're starving and dying of thirst.

But I go back on Tuesday to get the results.

Another fun weekend ... today (Friday) I'm taking Jessy and Mandy) to the Projekt Revolution tour ... Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, HIM, Placebo and other screamers ... two of Jessy's favorite bands are Linkin Park and MCR. I like Linkin Park ... the rest of the bands are cool ... but for the most part, I'm being the cool dad/uncle.

Saturday morning picking up Carolyn and heading to Washington, D.C. to be tourists. (Oh, and see Semi Precious Weapons ... cause they rock!)

Sunday is my ex-wife's company picnic at Kennywood so we're all going to that, too. Quite a fun, busy weekend, but that's me.

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