Comfest 2013 Schedule!

It's the happiest weekend of the year, for me: Because it's time for 2013 Comfest! New beer mug rules aside, I'm gonna go have a blast, see a bunch of great friends, super bands, and all around fun, including my first ever "Stage Crew" volunteer shift on Sunday at the Offramp Stage, along with two clean up and recycling shifts because the park doesn't clean itself!

So if you're looking for Allie and me this weekend, this is probably where you'll find us. We will be primarily camped out by the Offramp Stage in the shade if we're not out seeing these bands:


04:25 Solar    Aaron Lee Tasjan
05:55 Gazebo    Erica Blinn & The Handsome Machine
06:50 Jazz    Jen Miller
07:40 Solar    Micah Schnabel
07:55 Main    Happy Cinchester
09:10 Live Arts  The Ooh-La-Las

After Comfest: 
Rumba Cafe for Aaron Tasjan (solo), J.P. Olsen and Tim Easton
or the Treebar for Erica Blinn,  Shane Sweeney and Matt Monta


12:15 Solar    Megan & Larry
02:35 Gazebo    Salty Carmels
03:30 Main    Willie Phoenix
04:45 Offramp    Post Coma Network
05:30 Offramp    The Girls!
06:00 Gazebo    Erika Hughes
07:00 Main    The Floorwalkers
07:20 Offramp    Strangers in Daylight
08:15 Offramp    The Receiver

After Comfest:  
Rumba Cafe for Aaron Tasjan (with Mark Nye and Matt Mees), Tim Easton & The Floorwalkers


12:45 Offramp    The Real California
01:00 Gazebo    Colin Gawel & Lonely Bones
02:50 Main    The Spikedrivers
03:00 Offramp    The Smoking Guns
04:50 Main    Out Of Our Tree
05:00 Gazebo    Angela Perley
06:25 Offramp    The Whiles
07:15 Offramp    Two Cow Garage

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